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Healthy Breakfast Cereal for Busy Days

November 12, 2020

Healthy Breakfast Cereal for Busy Days

Do you live an active lifestyle?

If so, Chiamigos is the perfect fit to keep you fit! Our varieties of instant chia seed pudding are high in protein, fibre, and are gluten free to keep you sustained throughout your day. Having this low glycemic treat before workouts will give you all the energy you need to run that extra mile! When consumed post-workout, this protein and nutrient filled snack will rebuild your muscles to ensure you get the results you want. 

The Glycemic Index

The glycemic index (GI) ranks the amount of carbohydrates in each food or drink based on how much it increases blood glucose once consumed. Consuming foods that are low on the glycemic index decreases the risk of heart disease and diabetes. They are also great for weight loss and endurance-related activities because they keep you full for longer! Proteins are essential for building muscle, bones, and skin. Having protein after workouts makes sure the tissues in your body repairs itself as well as gains muscles. Our chia seed pudding is a breakfast cereal filled with all the nutrients you need to live a healthy lifestyle. Chiamigos is the ideal workout partner that you’ve been searching for!